A Good Day of Flying is No Accident

The contents on this page  may or may not have any bearing on RC Flying but just as the name says ..... will make you say WOW!!!

The NASA image and video library NASA has launched a library of 140,000 of its most iconic images – from manned space missions to satellite images of Mars.The NASA Image and Video Library is fully searchable – and puts together imagery from 60 separate NASA collections into one place

3D VECTORED * RC TURBINE JET  Weston Park 2016 3D VECTORED * RC TURBINE JET (P180/Bavarian Demon Cortex Gyro CARF Rookie by Markus Rummer) This guy can fly! Marcus Rummer shows us the versatility of the Composite ARF jet trainer 'The Rookie'. With tumble pipe and a P180 this jet flies tight close 3D aerobatics not achievable on most other RC jets.

Rob Holland, "What I See" - NAS Pensacola FL

POV helmet cam view of my perfromace at NAS Pensacola on November 12th, 2016

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